Beauty Self-Defined and Customized


I am proud to partner with AbsoluteJoi to provide a premier skin care line to our patients. Please check out their full line of products at @absolutejoi on Instagram, Amazon, Black and Green; products are also sold in our Bowie, Maryland office. I offer treatment plans for skin care maintenance, anti-aging therapies, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

Microdermabrasion is the removal of dirt, debri and dead skin from the top layer of the skin using a diamond coated suction wand. The procedure is painless and is done in the office within 20 minutes. AbsoluteJoi skin care products are applied after the treatment to make the skin glow. I recommend this treatment every 2-3 months depending on skin type, frequency of makeup application and presence of skin lesions.

I am pleased to offer the full line of Vi PeelR products to treat aging skin, acne prone skin, acne scars and skin damage.
-Vi Peel®
-Vi Peel with Precision Plus®
-Vi Peel PURIFY®
-VI Peel PURIFY with Precision Plus®

The peels are applied in my office and take approximately 15 minutes to apply. It is imperative that the post-peel procedure be followed to achieve desired results. After the peel the skin will be sensitive to sun so sunscreen is a must, as is every day.

A personal favorite of mine!!!! While the results are amazing, reliable and predictable the results of improper placement and dosing can be devastating. It is always preferable to see a professional but no better time than when working with a potential toxin like Botox. The results of Botox are seen within 3-10 days and last 3-4 months. Consider Botox your facial oil change.

In addition to treating facial rhytids (wrinkles) I use Botox to treat hyperhidrosis and muscle spasticity in the reconstructive side of my practice.

I use the Juvederm family of products in my practice as I’ve found the products to be reliable and the results reproducible. Dermal fillers are used to replace volume lost in the face –

- Around the eyes
- Cheek
- Nasal and oral creases, chin and jawline
- Lips
- Bridge of the nose

Topical numbing cream is applied prior to the placement of the filler. Results are seen immediately and continue to improve after the procedure. Patients typically have filler placed every 9-12 months.

I use ND:YAG laser in my office for the treatment of unwanted hair on the face/beard, chin, axilla, bikini, legs and trunk. This laser allows me to treat all skin types without fear of burns or hypopigmentation. Patients are spot tested prior to the start of treatments to ensure they are candidates.

Hair removal requires 4-6 visits spaced 4 weeks apart. The hair will initially grow in thinner and then stop growing in the area treated. Laser hair removal therapy is not permanent and will begin to regrow, therefore ‘touch up’ treatments are usually done at the 2 year point.

In order for our cells to act in the manner required to provide proper healing, nutrition is required. I stress the importance of proper diet and exercise as a companion to all surgical interventions. We are fortunate to have a Nutritionist as a member of our team at University of Maryland Capital Region. She is happy to consult with all of my patients for total care.